The Man Behind The Super Meal

Dr. Brown
Creator of the Green Hill Super Meal Blend

I always wanted to be a doctor from age 3.  Later on I studied dentistry and graduated from NYUCD. Over the last 5 years I became concerned about nutrition, global hunger and alternative substitutes for breakfast that were healthier than the current options. That is when I began making porridge.  First for my kid’s school and local Churches to show my appreciation for all the things those professionals do for my community and children within.  I started out making your traditional oatmeal, cream of wheat and corn meal porridge. Then started to add multiple ingredients until my ingredient count was 10 then 12.  I was constantly encouraged by the positive feedback I received from friends and family who enjoyed my original recipe.  

I then decided to learn more about various grains and how they could positively affect my health and the health of other people. Green Hill Super Meal was the eventual outcome of my research and journey into nutrition.  The meal is like a vitamin pill on steroids. High in fiber, low in fat, low glycemic index with multiple amino acids and proteins. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and is highly nutritious.  It’s the ideal product for vegans, vegetarians and those that are looking for healthy alternatives to a breakfast cereal. With the combination of the various grains, one could possible survive on this product.  My goal is that Green Hill Super Meal be used to combat global hunger in many undeserved areas around the world.