Green Hill Super Meal has touched the lives of many people who have benefited positively from its use. 

Here are some of our customer's testimonials:


I am writing just to thank you for making such a wonderful quality product. I love your super meal porridge. I have been using it as a breakfast meal replacement every morning. It is tasty and filling. It keeps me full until about 1pm in the afternoon. I also tried it in pancakes and my son loves it. I have been a fan for over several years and recommend your product to my friends who love it too. I even sent it to Guyana to my friend for her 92 year old mother.  She gives it to her as a meal replacement.  Thank you for a great product.

Karen Skinner



Awesome nutrition. I love this product and use it daily.  It's great for baking and also for making porridge.  Its a great addition to a healthier lifestyle.

Claudia Bailey



This cereal mix is one of my favorites. It is filled with all the super foods you can think of. I use it to make porridge for my children and even pancake batter. When I use it to make porridge, it still comes out creamy and smooth like your normal boxed hot cereal. However, this mix is much healthier. It consists of ingredients such as Arrow root, Moringa, Barley, Quinoa, Lentil and even Amaranth and much more healthy ingredients. This product is perfect for vegans, giving you all the necessary proteins and vitamins needed for a healthy life. I would recommend this product to everyone, including infants.

A faithful customer, Aliya


My name is Sharon Scott and I am a loyal consumer of Green Hill Super Meals. I don’t know what to really call this product because it can be used for so much. I use it to make hot cereal and I have even tried making vegan cupcakes with it which came out great. I made sure to refer this product to my son because he is vegan. He loves it. It is filled with so many healthy ingredients that are great for your body. This is lovely for people who miss out on certain vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. You can make up for your lack of healthy eating, if you have that problem, with a bowl of hot cereal made with Green Hill. A bowl of Green Hill hot cereal in the morning keeps me full and energized until lunch time. I recommend this for children going to school. It is a great breakfast that you know will hold them over until lunch.

Sharon Scott


Green Hills Super Meal porridge is the best porridge I've ever ate, it leaves me full all day. The porridge soothing and smooth it goes right to your belly you could just feel it as it goes down. This versatile product doesn't just make porridge it can also be used to make cookies ,bread and cake I highly recommend this vegan product even if you're not a vegetarian or vegan. I've incorporated supermeal into my diet for a healthier lifestyle and I can see and feel the difference.

Michael Escoffery, Artist